Cattle Sale Awards

Week of 11-29-23
Top Selling Steers

Atlee Crenwelge, Fredericksburg, TX

Sofus Nielsen, Stonewall, TX

Redstone Ranch II, LTD, Stonewall, TX

Top Selling Heifers

Charles Campo, Pearland, TX

Matt Lair, Rocksprings, TX

Grace Langdon, Kerrville, TX

Week of 11-15-23
Top Selling Steers

Don Freeman, Llano, TX

Brian Mahoney, Blanco, TX

Keith Rech, Johnson City, TX

Top Selling Heifers

Curtis Staudt, Fredericksburg, TX

Week of 11-8-23
Top Selling Steers

C - 4 Ranch, Doss, TX

Callcott Ranches LTD, Rocksprings, TX

Brad Miller, San Antonio, TX

Top Selling Heifers

Nathan Crenwelge, Fredericksburg, TX

Daniel Moellering, Fredericksburg, TX

Kerry / Donna Weinheimer, Stonewall, TX

Week of 11-1-23
Top Selling Steers

Ron Burns, Fredericksburg, TX

Gary Kott & Rodney Sauer, Fredericksburg, TX

John Mayer, Willow City, TX

Top Selling Heifers

Glenda Fritz, Fredericksburg, TX

Carlos Galicia, Dripping Springs, TX

Leon Welgehausen, Fredericksburg, TX

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